Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thing 1

The hardest thing about setting up my blog...trying to think of a name for it that is clever, yet not too cutesy, not lame and boring (like usual), and appropriate for work!

I am very much looking forward to learning about the 23 Mobile Things and loving my iPad even more (like that is possible!).

I hope to actually use all the Mobile Things I keep hearing about and find a way to use some of them to promote all of our wonderful library services!

I also hope to be able to support the great staff at Anoka County Library as they work on the 23 Mobile Things.

The hardest thing about writing blog tendency to overuse exclamation points.  I promise to try to keep it under control!


  1. Good title for your blog.

  2. Lover the title. Good job getting started on your 23 Mobile Things!

  3. Just checking in with you to see how your exploration of 23 Moile Things is going.