Friday, May 9, 2014

Thing 6

Oh, how I can get frustrated trying to edit word docs and excel spreadsheets on my iPad!

I do usually end up just going to a desktop computer, but we are trying a new minute taking template for meetings, and typing into an iPad is just so convenient!!

I am most familiar with QuickOffice, although I liked it better before Google took it over!  I just haven't worked with Google Drive enough for me to find it useful.

I tried out CloudOn (another app I heard about at our staff There's An App for That! training), and I did like using it.  It just seemed REALLY slow at times - there was a definite lag between typing and the words appearing on the screen!  (By the way, I have an awesome Zagg Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad - I can't imagine trying to edit or create docs with the popup keyboard on the screen.)

I use Smart Office 2 the most, I think I got it for free on a special.  It was the only one that imported my meeting minutes template correctly, and allows for quick and easy typing during my meetings.

I will be curious to see if the new Microsoft apps for iPad will take off, or if people will be put off by the cost and just stick with apps like these.

I think I will mostly use this for quick edits and idea generation for now - I'm not fully ready to get rid of my desktop computer yet!

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